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Roselle's Custom Jewelry Manila, PhilippinesLooking for the perfect wedding ring for your special day? You’ve come to the right place. Let us help you create the wedding ring that symbolizes the love and never ending bond between you and your spouse to be.

Wedding rings are vital to the success of your wedding. It’s a once in a lifetime event so make sure you choose one that is truly special… but without breaking the bank.

Here at Roselle’s Custom Jewelry, we make sure that you get the rings you love at an affordable price.

Why Choose Us?

Hand Crafted to Perfection – Unlike machine made wedding rings that are of inferior quality and lack tender loving care, ours are handcrafted and scrutinized to the last detail by long time artisans. Handmade wedding rings are also more durable than machine made rings.

The Best Gold Quality – Some jewelry manufacturers cut corners in the refining process making the quality of gold inferior and will show roughness and even small holes after sometime. Here at Roselle’s Custom Jewelry we make sure our gold are of the best quality before they are made into wedding bands to ensure they last a lifetime.

Very Affordable Prices – We do not have showrooms in malls, no sales agents so we pass the savings on to you!

Lifetime Guarantee – We are confident of the quality of our wedding rings and are sure that they will last a lifetime.


Did you see a wedding ring in a catalog or at a mall
but it’s just too expensive for you?

Contact us and we are sure we can help you out. Chances are,
we can make that same ring at a lower price.



Beautiful Ring Boxes to Choose from
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Wedding Ring Boxes

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Tips in Choosing a Wedding Ring

Make it a Special Event – It is a once in a lifetime journey that you will never go through again… for most people at least. So it important that you make it a special time to bond and strengthen your relationship.

Consider each others choices and compromise – At times, you may not agree with the design, color, size, and other factors so you need to sit down and come to an agreement. Remember, the 2 of you will be wearing your wedding band for life so make sure both of you are comfortable with it.

Set a Budget – It would be nice if price is not a factor but, these days, it always is.

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