5 Tips to Have A Worry Free Proposal

Marriage proposals are nerve wracking for men because you never know if you will get a big “Yes” or will get turned down. True, both of you may be madly in love but that dreaded “No” or “Sorry” is never out of the equation.marriage proposal

Here are some tips to “almost” ensure that you get a “Yes” when you ask the question.

Casually talk about marriage and see how she reacts

It doesn't have to be your marriage but just marriage in general. Her opinion about the subject will give you an idea if she's ready for the next level or not.

If her answer is positive then you can move on to the next level of planning.

Choose the best engagement ring

When choosing an engagement ring you have to consider her taste and personality. A huge stone is never a guarantee that she'll love the ring. She'll like it of course, especially if she says yes, but making her absolutely love the ring takes a little more than just spending money.

If your girlfriend likes simple and classy then the classic solitaire is your best bet. If she's bubbly and a little adventurous then play around with the design. Add color, twist some lines, go beyond the usual shape, etc… Your imagination is the limit. Here are some unique engagement ring designs we found previously to give you an idea.

Plan how you will go about with the proposal

Planning is crucial to the success of your proposal. Even your speech should be written out and practiced so you know what to say when you're on your knees. Some men want to do impromptu but, trust me, unless you've mastered your nerves, you're bound to mess up doing an impromptu speech.

Here are some ideas to start you off. Some are for those with money while some won't eveen cost a peso.

And of course, who would forget Zoren Legazpi's mob wedding proposal to Carmina Villaroel.

Involve her friends and family members

Imagine how special she would feel if she sees her friends and family members during your proposal. Plus they can give you great ideas on how to make the proposal successful and they'll even run errands on your behalf.

Practice and Make Calls

Practice your speech. Envision the event happening already and practice how you will propose. Make calls to ensure that reservations are in place and people involved are aware of their roles. Make calls a weeks before the event, 3 days before the event, and on the day itself.

A marriage proposal is a moment that you'd want to cherish for the rest of your life so making sure that is goes as planned is important. But more than the stress involved, it is important that you and your would be fiance enjoys the event.


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