Why Blue Sapphire is a Good Alternative to Diamonds on Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a popular gemstone used on engagement rings because of their brilliance and strength. However, did you know that diamond engagement rings only became popular in the 1930s? And, according to American Gem Society, by 1965, 80% of all new bride's in the US had one.

Thanks to De Beers great marketing strategy, diamonds have become a staple gemstone when it comes to marriage proposals. Have you heard or read “A Diamonds is Forever”?

It sure is forever and there is no doubt about the beauty of diamonds. However, for some, diamonds are just way too expensive. So how do you propose without a diamond ring and still convey the meaning of true love and commitment?

Give her a blue sapphire engagement ring instead. Blue Sapphire is a stone of love, commitment and fidelity (source: http://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/sapphire) and was a popular betrothal ring before diamonds took the stage.

Also, Princess Diana chose blue sapphire over a diamond and the ring is now with Kate Middleton. A good testament that blue sapphires are at par with diamonds when it comes to proposals.

Here are some blue sapphire rings that our customers had us make.

Here is Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino's blue sapphire engagement ring that looks similar to one of ours. We actually made a few already that looks exactly the same.

Aiza Seguerra Liza Dino Engagement Ring

And here is Kate Middleton's ring. We can replicate this too should you want a piece of “royalty” :)

Kate Middleton Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

For more information on how you can order a blue sapphire engagement ring, contact us. We are also open to discussing your own ring design. You can either use the contact form in this page or email makemycustomjewelry [@]gmail .com

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