Case Study: Customized Knot Ring and Matching Custom Wedding Rings

In 2015, a young couple went to us with an idea for a unique engagement ring (knot ring). It was so unique and challenging that we could not refuse doing it.

Here is the original email and some pics of the prototype they made.

“I'm planning on having an engagement ring made. I made a prototype using paper rope, and below are some photos. My idea is for it to have a square knot on the underside of the band. Also, instead of diamonds, I'm hoping to put sapphire instead, since she likes blue. The two sides of the band are also different from each other, one side is etched while the
other is plain, both of which will be joined by the abovementioned square knot.”

knot ring prototype

We met with them in order to finalize the design and better understand what they want done. They decided that one side of the ring will have a rope like design while the other side will be smooth and they will be knotted at the bottom.

It was a big manufacturing challenge. It is easy to make a knot ring but knotting white gold with two different textures is a whole new ball game especially when you make everything by hand.

Tightening the knot proved to be a challenge because as you pull to tighten the knot, the rope like design on the other side somewhat loses its rope like design. We had to be very careful in order to achieve the desired results.

knot ring final design

Here is the finished product and they were very happy about it. :)

Fast forward 2017, we received another email for customized wedding rings. Of course we were already expecting something unique to make and that made us even more excited to work on their wedding rings.

“Good afternoon!

I hope you still remember me. I was hoping to have our wedding rings made by you also. Maybe we can meet this weekend so we can discuss? Would you be available this Sunday afternoon?

Please let me know! You can reach me at ___.

Attached are some of the pictures we're thinking of for the wedding rings. Hopefully you're available.”

Here's the idea:

Bride' ring: A simple ring with diamonds but would match the contours of the engagement ring so they would fit snugly.

Groom's ring: A plain looking ring with milgain design on the outside but on the inside is a rope design embedded in the ring.

Here are pics of the finished product. Enjoy!


Follows the contours of the engagement ring so they fit well when worn together.


Rope design embedded on the inside of the ring.

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