Wedding Ring Designs

When it comes to wedding ring designs there really is no limit. It is a matter of preference and the couple should be comfortable with the design since they will be wearing them every day for the rest of their lives.

More often than not, couples decide on wedding ring designs based on their character and personality. Many even design their own wedding rings so they’re unique to them. If you and your fiance’ can envision your desired wedding ring, you can always discuss it with a jeweller and have them custom made.

For those who are a little clueless, here are some common wedding ring designs to get you started. Read more

Roles of the Entourage

One of the ingredients in having a perfect wedding is to make sure that everybody involved in the event is aware of their role. Here in the Philippines, it is uncommon to have rehearsals. I've never attended a wedding where the couple called to have rehearsals before the actual event. So first timers end up clueless as to what to do and how to act during the wedding.

Thankfully for us, Fr. Allen De Guzman of Caleruega informed us of how beautiful the event would be if everybody, especially the secondary sponsors, knows when to stand and do exactly what they need to do even without a cue from the commentator. With that, I created a simple cheat that you can send to your entourage. Read more