Custom Handmade Engagement Rings

Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring but is taken aback by the prices at malls? Look no further, we make diamond rings that will rival what you see in malls at a fraction of the price.

One of our goals here at RCJ is to provide the best ring that your money can buy.

Low budget, big budget, insane budget. We try to accommodate everybody and make sure that they get their money's worth. Many of our customers say that they get way more than what they paid for and, that makes us happy because we know we were able to provide a ring that the buyer and the wearer will be proud of.

Wouldn't it be nice to propose when you know that you did not settle for less? That you got the ring that you really wanted? And that it's handmade with TLC and even the engravings are carefully handcrafted?

Here's how to buy an engagement ring from us?

  1. 1
    Choose a design. You may choose from our gallery which can be found below or choose any design online. We make diamonds, moissanite, CZ, blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, or any other gemstone that you want to put on your ring.
  2. 2
    Send us your chosen design and budget. If you do not have a set budget, just let us know the maximum amount you want to spend for the ring. You may contact us via email at makemycustomjewelry (@) or message us on Facebook.
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    We will assist you and finalize your order.

How to Choose The Right Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment so essentially, any type of ring will do as long as the thought is there but, of course, we want it to be special and something that our wife-to-be and/or husband-to-be can boast of.

Here are things to consider when buying an engagement ring.

  1. Preference - Know what your girlfriend's preference is when it comes to jewelry. Does she wear white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or a combination of both. Diamonds are the usual stone put in engagement rings but some women prefer other gemstones like blue sapphire, ruby, emeralds, aquamarine, amethyst, etc...
  2. Design - We are proud to say that we do make complex designs and are still 100% handmade. However, the design still falls under the preference of your better half. Does she like simple jewelry or complex design? For simple engagement rings, you cannot go wrong with a Tiffany style ring. They're a classic and will be in fashion forever.
  3. Budget - Budget is a big consideration since you can spend up to millions for just one ring. But, if you are working on a set budget and you have a design in mind, let us know and we'll see if we can make it happen. 

Understanding Diamonds

Diamonds are probably the most expensive stones you'll ever have to purchase.

But they also endear her more to you and increase your chances of getting a YES... Well, in some cases.

We all know women love diamond rings and they have been a symbol of love and bond between the two marrying couples ever since Ancient Egypt so who are we to break the tradition, yes?

One thing is getting broken though if the husband to be has not been preparing for the purchase of the ring, and that is his bank account.

The average cost of an engagement ring in the US in 2012, in a study conducted by The Knot and Wedding Channel, is $5,431. That is way above the pay grade of most people.

Saving money for the big day and preparation is key but do you really have to spend that big amount of money?

The answer lies in your choice of engagement ring or the choice of diamond in the engagement ring.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts.

Diamonds are priced based on the 4C’s. Meaning Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight.
Let’s dive in deeper to see what we can find.Enter your text here...

Color – In the chart below you’ll see columns with the label “colorless”, “near colorless”, and “faint-yellow”.  They are also labelled from letters “D” to “M”

Diamond Color Chart

Diamond Color Chart

The colorless group are amongst the rarest type of diamonds and you will have to pay way more than $8,000 for a carat of color grades D,E, and F.

The near-colorless group are the ones that are accessible. But did you know that there is also a significant price difference between a G and an I.

Looking at the chart above, I don’t even recognize the difference between the G and the I. Do you?

Clarity – Clarity is also according to grade with IF, meaning “Internally Flawless”, as the highest grade and thus the most expensive and rarest of them all.

In a perfect world where money is not a factor, we’d all love to have an IF in the engagement ring. But if you are on a tight budget, look at your options.

VS1 – VS2 means “Tiny Inclusions which are difficult to find under 10X magnification”

This is an expert looking for the imperfection and he is having a difficult time finding it.

SI1 – SI2 means “Noticeable inclusions visible under 10X magnification”

The imperfections in the clarity grades above are invisible to the naked eye.

So unless your family and friends or your girlfriend has a degree in Gemology and brings around a 10X powered magnifying glass to check on every diamond she sees, you should be good with those clarity grades.

Diamond Clarity Chart

Diamond Clarity Chart

Cut – There are different cuts of diamonds and you can choose whatever cut you like for your engagement ring.

How you determine if a cut is good is that if it has fire and brilliance. 

Light should be directed back to your eyes that it’s actually hard to look at it because of the brilliance. If you do not see any brilliance or it doesn’t hurt your eyes, in a way, that must have a bad cut.

Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut

Carat Weight – This determines the size of the diamond. If you combine all 4C’s, that would make the price of the diamond. If you want the best and the highest grade, then you have to pay the price.

If you did not get the hints, let me break it down one more time.

Color – An I or a J would do.

Clarity – SI1 to SI2 would do.

Cut – Whatever you like just make sure it has fire and brilliance.

Carat Weight – Because you did not go for the most expensive grades, maybe you can now afford a bigger stone.

Let us help you craft the best engagement ring for your loved one. 

Talk with us now!

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Where is your store located?

All our transaction are done online and through meet ups. Rings are made upon order and we do not have a display shop.


That is how we keep our prices low. If we put up a display shop in malls we will have to add rent expenses, sales person expenses, utilities expenses, security expenses and other additional expenses that will make prices more expensive.

Are your materials authentic?

All our products are guaranteed authentic and of high quality. Gold, diamonds, and other gemstones are genuine unless otherwise stated. Our wedding rings are thick compared to what you can buy in malls at double the price.

How much is the down payment and how is payment made?

Down payment is 30% and 50% for orders P50,000 and above. Payment can be made via BDO, BPI, Paymaya or Gcash.

What do I get after paying the down payment?

When down payment is confirmed, we will send you an acknowledgement with order details.

How long is the production time?

2 to 4 weeks. May be longer depending on the complexity of the design and pending orders. We will inform you if will take more than 4 weeks to complete your rings.

How are the jewelry delivered?

Rings and other jewelry can be delivered via LBC or meet up. LBC is preferred in order to protect us both against the virus but meet ups can be arranged too.

I am not comfortable with online transactions.

We understand. Online purchases is not for everybody. If you have the slightest doubt in doing business with us, please do not buy.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

Please click on the inquire now button, fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.