How Does Gram Weight Affect My Choice of Wedding Ring


One of the common questions we get asked about is the total gram weight of the rings. Does the gram weight really matter or is it just to say that the rings are heavy and costs more?

The total weight of the wedding rings is very important as it dictates the thickness of the ring and thickness affects quality. The thicker the ring, the more durable it is.

DiamondsDiamonds – If you choose a wedding ring with diamonds in them, we have to factor in the size and depth of the diamond. Remember, diamonds have a pointed bottom so the ring has to be thick enough to accommodate the diamond otherwise the pointed bottom might protrude in the inside of the ring and cut you when wearing it.There are also other factors to consider that affects the total gram weight of the ring.

Embossed symbols – Some customers want to have a heart or any other symbol embossed in the inside of the ring so it leaves a mark whenever the ring is removed.It wouldn’t look good if the body of the ring is slim and there’s an embossed symbol inside it.

Inner message ring

Heart Symbol Inside Ring

Large engravings/carvings – Large engravings or more like carvings like the one in the photo requires a really thick ring. Otherwise it will not have that beautiful carved effect.



engraved wedding ring


Wedding ring engraved

photo from:


Intricate designs – Other couples want a braided design ring, intricate carvings, and other designs that requires the rings to be thicker.

intricate design wedding ring

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braided wedding ring

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In most cases, your chosen design will dictate the thickness of the wedding rings. Some couples who work on a budget try compromise by lowering the total gram weight of the rings. Though it may be doable, they are also compromising the durability of the rings.

Wedding rings are not just an investment or just a part of the wedding costs. They are a symbol more than anything else so make sure you choose one that you like best and make sure that the quality is good.

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