Please read before contacting us

All our transaction are done online and through meet ups. Rings are made upon order and we do not have a display shop.


That is how we keep our prices low. If we put up a display shop in malls we will have to add rent expenses, sales person expenses, utilities expenses, security expenses and other additional expenses that will make prices more expensive.

All our products are guaranteed authentic and of high quality. Our wedding rings are thick compared to what you can buy in malls at double the price.

We understand that not everybody is comfortable with how we do business but rest assured that we are not going to ruin our name and our business for a 20,000 or 40,000 worth of rings.

You can have the rings checked at pawnshops if you want to be sure of the Karat.

Diamonds are guaranteed authentic and you can have them checked at jewelry shops in malls. They will not be perfect for sure because there is no such thing. If a diamond is perfect then it's either fake or will cost a fortune. Rest assured, we choose and use beautiful diamonds on all wedding rings and engagement rings.

We require a 30% down payment before we start production (50% for rings worth 50,000 and above) and rings will be available in 2 to 4 weeks. We recommend meet up when getting the rings so you can check the quality.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Meet Ups:

Weekdays and Saturdays: Gateway Mall
Sundays: Megamall.

Please contact us and schedule in advanced.

If you are OK with all this, please send us a PM or email us at makemycustomjewelry [@] You may also call/text at 0921-2218369

If you have the slightest doubt in doing business with us please do not buy.

Have a great day ahead, thanks!