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Knot rings are getting very popular here in the Philippines. No wonder because it is affordable and very flexible when it comes to subtle customization without losing its being a knot ring. It is very meaningful too so it is a perfect representation of your love and commitment.

There are different types of knot rings and you might be surprised to know that they have different meanings. Or at least I was surprised because I thought they were all the same.

Knot ring – The common and single one

The ring symbolizes a knot that is not quite tied yet, but has all the intentions of being tied. A promise ring.

Lover's Knot Ring

This one is more suited to those in a long distance relationship.

a symbol of the connection between two lovers.  This particular type, often called the “true lover's knot”, was a popular ring style for sailors separated from their beloved.   It's made by interlocking two overhand knots in two parallel wires, so each one is flexible to move about the other, yet they're inseparable forever. – Source:

Lover's Knot Ring
There are other variations of these designs and some of our customer had diamonds added to it. See some of the custom knot rings below.

14k gold knot ring with diamond

The possibilities are endless. You can add diamonds or other gemstone. Make it 2-tone gold or even like this knotted rope designed by one of our customers.

Knotted Rope Ring
There you go. If ever you need a knot ring or you want it customized just contact us and we'll make that happen. We ship throughout the Philippines.

And don't forget that we also customize wedding rings and engagement rings.

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