Tips for the Mother-of-the Bride/Groom To-Be in the Philippines

Tips for mother of the bride PhilippinesSometimes… or in many cases, our Moms get more excited than us when we announce that we are getting married. Suddenly, they are back to their dream wedding and are flooded with ideas. Worst, many of the mothers-of-the bride/groom to-be thinks that they will be reigning over the wedding and will be the authority figure in everything that needs to be done. Relate yet?

Here are some tips for all Mother-of-the bride/groom to-be in the Philippines. If you can’t openly talk with them about these issues. Share this. :)

Take a Step Back and Let the Couple Make Decisions

Mom, we love you and know that you have a ton of wedding ideas and you’ve been through it before but we have our dream wedding too and we want the wedding to be close to it as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, all your inputs are welcome but please don’t expect that all of them will be implemented.

We know that you will always be there when we need help and we love you for that.

Be Mindful of the Guest List

As much as we want to invite all of our relatives to the 5th degree and the entire Barangay, we just don’t have the money.

Please consult with us if you have other people in your mind as we are working on limited seats and we want a good balance of relatives and friends in the wedding.

Please Don’t Pick a Fight Over Who’s Going to be on the Entourage

There are only a number of people on the entourage and we’ve decided that half can be from the groom’s side and half from the bride.

I know “bulaka” and “bebedoy” are so cure but they can’t even walk yet!

Be their Back-Up

This we know even if you don’t say it. And we are very thankful that you are always there to support us and give us advice. We will forever be grateful.

Our parents play a vital role in every part of our lives including our wedding and we can’t discount the fact that their inputs and experiences will help us greatly in making our wedding successful. Some parents do come overboard but everything can be fixed by good old heart to heart talk.