Wedding Ring Designs

When it comes to wedding ring designs there really is no limit. It is a matter of preference and the couple should be comfortable with the design since they will be wearing them every day for the rest of their lives.

More often than not, couples decide on wedding ring designs based on their character and personality. Many even design their own wedding rings so they’re unique to them. If you and your fiance’ can envision your desired wedding ring, you can always discuss it with a jeweller and have them custom made.

For those who are a little clueless, here are some common wedding ring designs to get you started.

Plain Solid White or Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

The most common for couples because of the simplicity and discreetness especially when wearing them in public places. The gold may be 18 karat and weighs heavy but since they are so simple, they do not catch the eye of bad people.

plain solid wedding ring

if solid is a little boring for you, you can add simple designs like

Milgrain Design Wedding Ring

That simple design on the sides is called milgrain

Milgrain Design Wedding Ring

Matte Finished Wedding Rings

If polished rings is not your cup of tea, you can go with the ever popular matte finish. The unpolished design adds a little character and uniqueness to the rings that is why many young couples prefer this type of finish. Plus, if you get tires with Matte, you can always have the rings polished.

matte finished wedding ring

Two-Tone Wedding Rings

This is a combination of white and yellow gold fused together. When buying two-tone’s make sure to ask if the rings are fused together or is the other part just plated with a different color of gold. Plated ones are inferior and fade over time so always go with fused two-tone’s

Two-Tone Wedding Rings

Right now you can already play with the design, you can have it two-tone polished, two-tone matte, or two-tone milgrain. It all depends on what you want. Your imagination is the limit when choosing and designing your own wedding rings.

Eternity Wedding Rings

These are rings with stones going all around the ring. This is more common as an accessory rather than a wedding ring but some couples prefer them too. Diamonds are the common stone used but you can also use birthstones to make them more personal.

eternity wedding rings

Diamond Wedding Rings

Unlike the eternity, these rings are either solid, two-tone, or any design with a touch of diamonds on both rings or just the brides ring.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Hand Engraved Wedding Rings

These have intricate designs hand crafted by jewelry artisans. These are common for the older generation but are now gaining popularity with the young ones since the hand engraving process gives the ring more value and meaning.

hand engraved wedding ring

If you noticed, the hand engraved ring also has 3 small diamonds on top. That only shows how you can customize wedding rings to your liking. All you need is a good imagination and an experienced ring manufacturer to make it happen.

You’d also want to read our post about how gram weight affects your choice of wedding ring as it also affects customization.

If you are getting married soon and need wedding rings, contact us for an affordable yet great quality wedding rings.

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